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The Right Choice For Your Divorce Or Other Family Legal Matters

Choosing a lawyer to represent you in a family conflict is important and difficult.

I can help you make that choice. I am Mary Jo Pothier, a family law attorney in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. For more than 20 years, I have assisted clients in Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk counties to resolve family legal matters productively.

I am dedicated to solving my clients’ legal problems efficiently and realistically; I will advocate strongly for you throughout the course of your legal matter.

  • I am your attorney. If you retain my legal services, you will be represented by me and me alone.
  • I advocate strongly for my clients in litigation, mediation and negotiation. I save significant time and emotional energy for my clients. Whether it be settlements or negotiations or otherwise, I shall pursue your goals vigorously.
  • I return correspondence. If you contact me, whether by phone or email, you can be assured of receiving a prompt response.

A productive resolution can save you money and yield enormous value to you and your family. To resolve your legal dispute, through settlement or other means, consult with our law firm online or by calling 978-927-9298.