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Your Life Is Changing. We Can Help You.

If you are in the midst of a divorce, you may feel that your world is falling down around you. Certainly, your life is changing. With the assistance of a compassionate and knowledgeable divorce attorney, you can limit the financial and personal disruptions and make the best out of what is, by all accounts, a tremendously difficult chapter of your life.

At the Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier, in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, we advocate for individuals and families caught in the throes of divorce. If your marriage is ending, we can pursue your goals for property division, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support and related issues. For more than 15 years, attorney Mary Jo Pothier has helped hundreds of clients in Hamilton Wenham, Middlesex County and Suffolk County to divorce while minimizing expense, time and emotional turmoil.

Divorce Representation Tailored To Your Needs

Everyone’s divorce is unique. Our law office can help you to resolve the legal issues associated with the dissolution of marriage in these and other circumstances:

  • Uncontested divorce, in which both parties earnestly seek a divorce settlement under the advisement of their attorneys.
  • Contested divorce, when legal or personal conflicts prevent a settlement and require a divorce trial.
  • Simple divorce, in which assets and debts can be easily divided and child-related issues are highly resolvable or nonexistent.
  • Complicated divorce, in which complicated assets, debts and child-related concerns require intensive work to resolve. We are comfortable in assisting clients with complex asset circumstances, including bank accounts, retirement accounts and business interests.
  • Legal separation. Although there is no legal status given to separation in Massachusetts, we help clients to obtain financial support (separate support) as they start a new life while remaining married.

Attorney Pothier is a competent litigator and strong advocate for clients with more than 15 years of experience. She develops solutions to match the unique needs and goals of each of her divorce clients. Contact our law office, and she can provide you with a realistic assessment of your options, regardless of your circumstances.

Get The Help You Need With Your Divorce

The Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier offers a courtesy initial consultation to each of its prospective clients. To discuss your circumstances with an experienced Beverly divorce lawyer, contact us online or by calling 978-927-9298. We offer a courtesy initial consultation to each prospective client.