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In situations in which parents are absent, unable or unwilling to parent their minor children, it is possible for stepparents, grandparents and concerned relatives to seek temporary or permanent guardianships of those children.

Attorney Mary Jo Pothier solves important family problems for Massachusetts families. For more than 15 years, she has advocated for the needs of children in divorce, custody and support situations.

Through her practice at the Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier, she can meet with you, discuss your circumstances and those of the child you are interested in helping, and provide you with legal advice and representation, if pursuing a legal guardianship of a minor is the best path forward.

What Is A Minor Guardianship?

Under Massachusetts law, a minor guardianship assigns, temporarily or permanently, an individual with the duties of a parent to a designated child. This means feeding, clothing and meeting the emotional and material needs of the child, much as a parent would be expected to do so.

Circumstances in which a guardianship provided by a relative or trusted individual may be in a child’s best interest include:

  • The biological parents have died or been incapacitated due to injury or disease.
  • The parents are unavailable, due to imprisonment, drug or alcohol abuse or treatment, or they have “skipped town” and cannot be located.
  • The applicant already plays a significant positive role in the child’s life.

Personalized Legal Advice During The Guardianship Process

Obtaining a temporary guardianship or a permanent guardianship of a minor is not always easy to accomplish. There are many hurdles one must clear before a family court will hand over responsibility for a child’s well-being to someone other than a parent. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which granting a guardianship can be beneficial, and even preferable, to the available alternatives.

To learn more about the guardianship process and your options for playing a more important role in the life of a beloved child, contact our law office in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, today. We serve clients throughout Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk counties. Our experienced Beverly child guardianship lawyer is ready to talk with you during a courtesy consultation. Call us today at 978-927-9298!