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How Much Of My Possessions Can I Keep?

Division of assets is one of the most contentious aspects of any divorce. Regardless of how simple or complex your asset and debt situation may be, it is to your advantage to retain a lawyer who can obtain your fair share of marital assets.

The Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier represents divorcing individuals throughout Essex, Suffolk and Middlesex counties. We help people like you to protect your financial interests and property during the divorce process, which includes:

  • Distinguishing marital assets and debts, which are considered part of the marital property that is apportioned between the spouses in a Massachusetts equitable distribution, from those obtained before or outside the marriage
  • Obtaining accurate business valuations and appraisals, as well as determining the chain of ownership of a business
  • Obtaining accurate evaluations of income, including business, self-employment income, and stock and investment income
  • Resolving property valuations
  • Evaluating vocational abilities and determining the earning capacity of each spouse, as part of discussions or testimony concerning spousal support
  • Reviewing tax returns to discover hidden assets and income
  • Evaluating retirement benefits and income to determine value and ownership

Your Spouse Might Not Fight Fair. We Can Help Keep Things Honest.

Marital asset evaluations can become complicated quickly. Although any party to a Massachusetts divorce is required by law to fully and accurately disclose assets, it is not unusual for one party to partially disclose assets or income.

When necessary, attorney Mary Jo Pothier will work with investigators, financial experts, forensic accountants, business valuators and vocational experts to determine the true value of your marital assets and debts, as well as to estimate the financial impact a divorce will have on your life.

Ultimately, she will work with you to determine your goals for marital division in light of what is possible and reasonable. Then, she will help you to attain those goals.

Don’t Leave Your Division Of Property To Chance; Call Our Experienced Divorce Lawyer

For more information, contact the Law Office of Mary Jo Pothier online or by calling 978-927-9298. Our office is in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts.