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It’s A New Alimony Law. You Need A Knowledgeable Attorney To Guide You.

As you may have heard, the Alimony Reform Act of 2011 dramatically altered the landscape for spousal support in Massachusetts. Under the new law, spousal support has limits that did not exist in the past.

No longer can one spouse expect to be paid lifelong alimony, or to receive monthly support payments after moving in with a new romantic partner or remarrying. Also, spouses exiting marriages of less than 20 years may have more difficulty obtaining long-term spousal support. There are also new provisions that limit or eliminate paying alimony after the payer reaches legal retirement age.

In short, the new law makes it more difficult for one spouse to receive long-term payments, and it encourages less financially able spouses to become more financially independent after a marriage ends, especially if they are able to work or have established a new support system.

Let Us Help You Navigate The New Laws

Attorney Mary Jo Pothier has many years of experience advocating for clients in spousal support matters. She has studied the new alimony law and how it is being applied in Massachusetts courts. As alimony in Massachusetts continues to evolve, she can guide you through the changing legal landscape so you can reach your spousal support goals.

Examples of clients we can help:

  • Homemakers who have been divorced late in life and require support
  • Parents who have been in charge of child-rearing but now find themselves without a spouse or a job
  • People with assets who need to divorce without being “taken to the cleaners” by an aggressive former spouse
  • Individuals who paid alimony under the old law and need to modify the terms to match their current circumstances and current legal requirements

We Can Answer Your Spousal Support Questions

Whether your concerns involve paying spousal support or receiving it, our firm’s lawyer is ready to answer your questions and to help. For more information about the new alimony law and how it might affect your situation, contact us online or call 978-927-9298. Our office is located conveniently in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, and we serve clients throughout Hamilton Wenham, Suffolk County and Middlesex County.